Acting Out On Your Fantasies

It is no secret that a man’s greatest dream is for his wife or partner to be bisexual. Then, instead of just having her to play with in the bedroom, he has the chance to have sex with two gorgeous women at the same time – what could possibly be better? Many women also have this fantasy – they wish that they were bisexual so they could engage in such kinky sexual acts. But how can you go from a point where something is a masturbation fantasy, to actually carrying out on your dreams in real life? Here are a few pieces of advice to encourage you to spice it up when it comes to sex.

You should work out exactly what fantasies you have and what gets you off best when you masturbate. Instead of deciding which you think you could actually do in real life, just think of what you would love to do the most. Let your imagination run wild and don’t hold back because you think something is embarrassing or that you are too nervous. That’s why many sexual fantasies don’t get off the ground – because people are too scared to act on what they love. If you can get over this mental hurdle, then you will be much more likely to start living the sexual life that you dream of.

For men, you should also help your woman open up about her sexual fantasies. To enjoy the best possible sex life, it is important that the two of you are open with each other and that you discuss everything. If you are close and would do anything for each other, then nothing should be embarrassing – no matter how sexual, dirty or kinky it is. You should be able to chat about things like adults, and work out if you have any dark fantasies in common. If you do not, then it does not matter, but if you do, you could start acting out on them straight away – but had you not built up the courage to talk about them, then you would have missed out on such an amazing sexual opportunity.

If you are deeply in love with your partner, then you will find them sexy no matter what. When you are role playing and living out your fantasies, everything is special. Everyone should just let themselves go and enjoy these highly sensual times that they get to spend with their partners.
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