Is he cheating on me?

I keep having really strange dreams, and they are beginning to worry me. All the dreams that I am having are about the state of my marriage, and there is something strange about them.

During my first marriage, my husband cheated on me with a girl who used to work for the most affordable London escorts website. Now, I am totally hooked on making sure that my new husband does not cheat on me with London escorts. It is an awful feeling and I am not sure that I can live like this.

My new husband does not that I worry a lot, and he is also aware of what happened in my last marriage. The truth is that I do worry that my husband is going to cheat on me with London escorts. I cannot say that I completely trust my husband, and that is a really awful thing to say about the state of your marriage. There are even days when I think that I should not have got married again because of the way that I feel, but that is a totally different problem. I did speak to him at length about my ex husband and the fact that he had dated London escorts.

In my heart of hearts, I often ask myself how many marriages have ended because of London escorts. All of the girls that I have seen from London escorts are really super attractive and they almost seem too good to be true. There is little wonder that so many gents get tempted by escorts and dating London escorts. I think that some men just cannot resist to hook up with the girls. More than anything I am worried that I have actually drawn the attention to London escorts by talking about them with my current husband.

The dreams I have are always about my husband cheating on me, and that is really not very comfortable at all. It is a little bit like I have lost my self confidence as well. I used to think that I was such an attractive woman, but now I do not feel attractive at all. My current husband keeps telling me that I am just as beautiful as many London escorts that he has seen. That is great, but when I stop and think about it, it must mean that he is actually looking at London escorts websites.

Does that mean that he is also dating London escorts? I am honestly beginning to think that I am going nuts and need some help to get back on my feet. We have only been married for three months and it cannot be healthy to run around and worry if your husband is cheating on you or not. I wish that I could get myself into a different mindset, but I honestly don’t think that my husband is cheating on me. I would love to get rid off these feeling of insecurity that I have got, but I am not sure how I can do that unless that I get a little bit of help.

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