Can you keep a secret?

have had some boyfriends with some really weird sexual fantasies, but my last boyfriend had such as weird fantasy that I actually broke up with him. When I told my friends at London escorts that we had broken up, they were a little bit surprised at first, but after hearing about his fantasy, they totally understood why I had split up with him. For some reason, he thought it would be perfectly okay to share his secret sexual need with me because I work for a London escorts services. Most men seem to think that it is perfectly okay to share their secret sexual fantasies with you when you tell them you work for a London escorts service. It is a little bit like the coast is clear to do and say what ever you would like to do when you date a girl from a London escorts service.

Nothing could be further fro the truth. Even when you are going out with a hot girl from a wonderful cheap escorts service, you do not have the right to say whatever you feel. Are their a lot of men out there who have some weird sexual fantasies? I think that there and during my London escorts career, I have met many men who have had a strange taste when it comes to sex. Most of their fantasies have been pretty harmless, but at the same time, I would dare to say that the vast majority of London escorts that I know, would not be comfortable around them. Sometimes I even wonder if gentlemen say something out of pure shock value. How do you handle a situation like that? In my private life, I don’t have to put up with it, but when I work for London escorts, it is not so easy to tell them to go away. There have been a couple of occasions at the London escorts services that I worked for, when I have not been comfortable at all with a gentlemen sharing his sexual fantasies with me.

If I have been too uncomfortable, I have simply told my boss and asked that I don’t date the gentleman again. Do I kiss and tell? I have come across some weird fantasies, but I have never once shared my gents’ fantasies. Over the years at London escorts, I have become pretty good at keeping secrets, and I think that goes for the rest of the girls who work for our London escorts service. Unless a gent has a really extreme sexual fantasy, you don’t make too much of a big deal out of it. It is much better to put a smile on your face, and just act like you are surprised. Some girls may handle the situation differently, but over the years, that is the best way I have found to deal with sexual fantasies. Do I have my own sexual fantasies? Of course I do…. would you like to know what they are.

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