Living a happy life as a Blackheath Escorts



I only wanted to have a comfortable life, to live peacefully and fewer struggles. Life difficulties are normal; they always strike us to tests us as a person. Problems mold us to become a better person, to become brave and can fight or life. There are times in life that our option is only to give up, and other than that we do not have any choice. To live a miserable experience is hard, it’s like you live in hell and dealing with different monsters, every day you will wake up problems in front of you until it becomes mound. Sometimes I want to sleep all day and wish not to wake up anymore if only problems will meet you. We are a broken family, but before we used to have a comfortable life when everything seems right. When my pop and mom are still together.

I still can remember the good old days, I have a personal room, and with all the things I like and wants. All my needs are given to me by pop; he loves me so much since I am his only princess. Every week wend it’s a schedule for family time, we go to parks, movie dates or on beaches. I couldn’t ask for much that time, I am enrolled in one of the prestigious school in Australia, I have lots of friends, and many admired me. I feel lucky with it until such time I never expected to come. All those happenings become now a memory to me since my dad left us. It was a cold night, snowing outside and I heard my parents fighting each other.

I hear mommy cries and dad scream at her. I am scared to it, I want to go to their room, but when I open my door dad already hold his bag with many clothes, I saw mom restless and crying too hard, and I try to stop dad but he refuses, he still goes. After it, mom took it seriously until she only does smoke and drinks every day. She stops working on our business, and so we file for bankruptcy. All our properties including the house have been sold because of debts. We move to Blackheath and rent a small room there. Even if I want to blame mom, I cannot since I know she is hurt too much. She starts looking job and me also. I got a chance to become a member of Blackheath Escorts from and starts changing our lives. Little by little, we have moved on and forget the bad memories. I began to enjoy myself again and live comfortably with my hard work.


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