My friend at Chingford escorts had advised me not to drop the day time job

Are there some careers which are spicier than others? I did not start out on a very spicy career bath if you know what I mean. It was not until I was 20 years old and had worked in a very boring supermarket for four years, I decided to change my career path. I had got to one of the girls at Chingford escorts, and it had become clear that I was wasting my time working in the supermarket. Sure, it was nice to have job security, but what if I could earn some extra money instead?


Surely, there most be more exciting careers than giving customer service advice I thought to myself, and asked my new friend from Chingford escorts from, if they had nay jobs going. Sure enough, they were looking for girls and soon I was doing two evening shifts per week with Chingford escorts. It was going okay, and I soon added two more to get even more involved in this new exciting profession of mine.


My friend at Chingford escorts had advised me not to drop the day time job. Working for the escort agency in Chingford was not a problem in itself, but it is not exactly the sort of thing that you can stick on a future CV. I did what I could at the escort agency, and with a little bit of experience came success. My dating diary was getting full of regulars and I was soon going in outcalls with a great big smile on my face. Finally, I was getting something out of working life.


After about a year with the escort agency in Chingford I found that it was about to be closed and would merge with another agency. I did not like the sound of that and the other girls at Chingford escorts felt very much the same way. Most of the girls at Chingford escorts including me left just after the agency had been sold, and moved on to become Sugar Babes to some of the gents we used to date at the agency. It worked out for me and my friend, and fitted in a little bit better with my job in the supermarket.


Six months later, one of my gents asked me if I wanted to be his mistress. About this time I had become rather savvy about working on the fringes of the adult industry in London, and asked for a proper deal from him. He was local for a social companion who could come out with him, and it suited me down to the ground. It is now five years later, and I sharing my time between being a mistress and working as a customer service assistant manager. It works for me, but I swear that the girls at the supermarket really do wonder what I am up to from time to time. After all, how many assistant managers spends so much time as I do at the hairdressers?  What would they say if they knew what I am really up to…


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