Who wouldn’t like to become a London escort when it gives you everything you wanted in life?


Perhaps I am happy that I choose this career because it changes my life, I become better and provide a good life to my family. London escorts agency also known all over the world, maybe because of their amazing talents and personalities they had shown to their clients. Most of the clients who have tried booking London escorts have a good thing to say. If you have read them on the internet most of them are satisfied and happy. Because I believe being a London escort is not just a companion for a day or night, but a true friend, a good partner and loyal one. What we do to our clients is with heart. We work professionally bit we also try to see if our work is enough. We give reviews to ourselves and that is why we are improving each day. Thanks also to our clients who always appreciate us; we can’t do this if not because of them.


I think that one of the greatest decisions I made in life is to become a London escorts. This work made me complete. Becoming a London escorts provide everything I need in life. It was different than before. My life is a kind of messy, a miserable one. Every day I wake up early and end up in midnight. I only have few hours to sleep and be back to work. I work hard because of the little salary I get. I have a family who is depending on me too. When my mom got ill, I have to double my work to buy her medicines and our daily food. I have younger brother and sister but they can’t still go to work because they are still toddlers. My dad left us when the second child is born; mom did her best to raise us. She works for almost a day that ends up to illness. She has diagnosed to have a severe anemia. I am so worried about her, so I decided to stand as mother and father of the family. Until such time our boss knows my story, and also thought that I am fit to become a London escorts. Not being boastful many people had called me pretty and sexy but I never mind it since I have loads of work to do. She helps me to apply in a London escorts agency. I went a lot in there until I finally passed. I am trained to become a London escorts that after six months, I am official. Slowly of being a London escorts I had hospitalized my mom. I bought a new house and car. I don’t have to work very tired and everything has change in my lifestyle.

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