Getting rid of stretch marks is not easy at all.


When I first got broody and wanted to have a baby, I did not realize that it would be this bad. My mom did not have a lot of stretch marks and she put it down to rubbing her belly with jojoba oil all of the time. Before I had the baby, I used to work on the reception of a great London escorts service agency, and the London escorts had tons of beauty tricks for stretch marks. The truth is that you can use a lot of simple things to lower the risk of stretch marks.

Like I say to my former colleagues at London escorts now, I hate looking at my tummy. It looks awful. My husband does not seem to be so worried about it, but it really annoys me. Recently, I have even been thinking about going back to work at London escorts to pay for a tummy tuck. But, that would cost a lot of money and I am not sure that I could really justify that at all. There are some alternatives which I am exploring at the moment.

One of the girls at London escorts have suggested that I try Rose aromatherapy oil. It is said to help a lot, so I am looking into that at the moment. A lot of the dark girls at London escorts use it on slight skin imperfections, and it seems to be doing the trick. It is one of most expensive oils on the market and you have to make sure that you buy it from a good source for it to work. I check prices recently, and they were just horrendous.

Another one of the girls at London escorts have suggested that I use chamomile tea, or a chamomile herb lotion. It is a lot cheaper option, and there are many different places where you can buy the treatment. Chamomile works by fading the stretch marks and at the same time, it improves the quality of the skin. It is the one treatment that I am going to try before I try some of the more expensive alternatives as recommended by the other girls at London escorts.

My husband says that he still finds me sexy, but I have lost all confidence in my body. I am sure that there are many other women who feel the same way after having had a baby. It would be nice if I could feel a bit more confident about my body, but at the moment, I don’t know how I am going to be able to do that. Yes, I know that I have a lovely baby daughter, but it has taken its toll on my body. Would I do it again and have another baby? Looking at my daughter sleeping in her cot, I would do it again, but when she wakes me up in the middle of the night, I feel less certain that I would do it again.

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